My Time To Shine – Juniors

My Time to Shine Juniors (Summer School) 27th-31st July 2015 10:00-16:00


After the huge success of the My Time to Shine workshops for adults and Rebecca’s passion for nurturing the talent and growing confidence in people she wanted to replicate the course for young people.


“I have a huge passion for using music as a vehicle to build confidence. I enjoy watching people grow and achieve things they never thought possible.”


AmisStar Vocal Studios opened in February in the heart of Romford. Rebecca has created the perfect safe environment to grow confidence and is excited that My Time to Shine Juniors is being run for the first time this summer. The programme will be an intense, fun and informative week and will be broken down as follows:


My Voice, My Instrument

o   Introducing basic vocal anatomy and warm-up routine

o   Posture and breathing exercises, introduction to using scales

o   Explaining vocal ranges: learners discover their own voice

o   Dynamics – exercises using major scales and arpeggios


Group Work

o   Gaining further awareness of practice routines and scales

o   Developing vocal control

o   Learning and singing a new song as a group

o   Developing performance techniques


Diction and Other Techniques

o   Introducing vibrato techniques

o   Song development

o   Diction techniques and tongue-twisters

o   Develop lead vocal performance techniques


Performing and Harmonies

o   Performance techniques, practice routines and scales

o   Delivery vocal performance

o   Introducing harmonies

o   Gaining awareness of vocal care


There will be a showcase at the end of the week for students to share with their friends and family what they have achieved. We are sure you will be amazed at their progress.


The course is being introduced at £249 but if you sign up today it will only be £200! Don’t miss out. It’s your child’s Time to Shine!  Sign Up For Your Reduced Price Now!!!