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Rebecca Bernice Amissah

Rebecca Bernice Amissah

AmisStar Vocal Studios has been born out of my passion for music and my goal to use it to grow confidence in others. I am a singer-songwriter and entrepreneur who loves investing in people and showing them their potential.


Music to me is one of the most powerful gifts we share. It affects our moods; it creates memories and changes lives. From a tiny baby’s natural response to music to an elderly Alzheimer’s sufferer. Music moves people.


It is my vision that AmisStar Vocal Studios will become a music hub right in the heart of Romford, building confidence, building friendships and building a musical community.

It will be an absolute privilege to leave such a legacy in my home town and know that an opportunity has been made to let music improve the quality of their life. After all, the only way is music ;)




I am a double award-winning singer-songwriter and entrepreneur.  I have always been a creative freelancer, working in film, TV and theatre as an art department assistant.


I have always sung, and between each film shoot I continued to do so and became a vocal coach. In 2010 I founded a choir-for-hire, Gospel Essence.

I kept meeting people who felt they had missed the boat when it came to singing but still had a passion and nowhere really to go. Knowing that I could really help, I founded a short course and named it My Time to Shine.  During the course I guide the students through vocal and performance techniques as well as give career advice which leads to a live performance with a band.


I then went on to set up community choirs and choirs in the workplace which is proving to be successful.




AmisStar Vocal Studios is a safe environment for anyone to re-connect with music through their voice. You will learn and grow as a performer and gain confidence to sing like no one is listening.

Do not let your song die within you. Contact me and change your life.